Steam Jacketed Ball Valve – Full Jacket & Partial Half Jacket both option available

Steam Jacketed Ball Valve Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier, Stockist, Importer. Molten Sulfur, Liquid Sulphur, Resin, Polymer, Plasticizers Jacketed Valves.

Jacketed Valve & Steam Jacketed basically both are the same, it is differentiate only by the passing of media which flowing through jacket cavity. If we are passing a Steam it is Steam Jacketed Valve and in case of Hot Oil valve became Hot Oil Jacketed Valve.

We have common design of body & jacket for any type of jacket passing media, depends on temperature and pressure only ball, seat, seal and gland packing material change.

Nivz supplier, importer, stockist, manufacturer and exporter of Model FJK80/81 Steam Jacketed Ball Valve. Steam Jacketed Valve mostly use to maintain fluid in flow-able liquid form by the help of jacket steam temperature, which keep fluids at a lower viscosity to operate the valve smooth, long-life, trouble free without in jam problem.

Jacketed Valves largely use to sustain process media temperature during process to keep fluids at a lower viscosity to operate valve smoothly.

Each Steam Jacketed Valve body construction replace by adding minimum one size higher flanges to achieve proper tighten space of bolt and nut.

As example: for Full Jacketed Ball Valve Size DN80 x DN100 (3” x 4”), Jacketed Ball Valve has the nominal bore of DN80 (3” – 75MM) and the flange size DN100 (4” – 100MM), which allows enough space for bolting clearance after jacket fabricated (welded) on modified valve body. These types of jacketed ball valve termed as a Full Jacketed Ball Valve.

We are Jacketed Ball Valve manufacturer in size starts from DN15 x DN 40 (1/2″ X 1-1/2″) to DN150 x DN250 (6″ x10″).

Model FJK80/81 Series Steam Jacketed Ball Valves are available with various material grades of seats to suit various industrial process media application.

Nivz manufacturing Steam Jacketed Ball Valve with PTFE seats, 25% GFT or CFT – Carbon Filled Seat Ring to suit temperature up to 230 Deg. C. High temperature application we strongly recommend metallic seated jacketed valve.

All steam jacketed ball valve flange to flange distance we match as per ASME B 16.10, valve design standard confirm to API 6D / ISO 17292 (BS 5351), Testing Standard – API 598 / BS EN 12266 I (BS 6755 Part 1), Fire Safe Design Design Testing Standard – API 607 & BS EN 12266 ii (BS 6755 Part 2).

Nivz manufacture Steam Jacketed Ball Valve with various international standard of flange and it cover DIN PN10/16/25/40/64/100, ANSI B 16.5, Class 150/300/600, JIS, BS 10 Table D/E/F/H and other on request. We also do manufacturing tailor made customized design and dimensional steam jacketed valve.

All steam Jacketed Ball Valve have total 2 jacket connections, one steam inlet, second steam outlet as per our standard design and on request third point as drain can provide on request. Jacket end connection available threaded end BSP / NPT, flanged end or socket weld end.

We also produce matching spare flanges (sleep on raised face, sleep on flat face, weld neck raised face type, forged and plate type flanges) for steam jacketed valve and supplying the same too.

Nivz all jacketed ball valve face to face distance as per ANSI/ASME B 16.10 standard of oversize flange size which facilitate to replace in future with any standard non jacketed valve also.

Our supplied Steam Jacketed Ball Valve satisfactory performing right now in a country Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Brazil, Israel, United Arab Emirates – Dubai, Turkey, Australia, Africa, Egypt, United States of America, Oman, Malaysia, Jordan, USA – America, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, India, etc.

Steam Jacketed Ball Valve Manufacturers

Steam Jacketed Ball Valve Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier, Stockist, Importer. Molten Sulfur, Liquid Sulphur, Resin, Polymer, Plasticizers Jacketed Valves

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We Will Suggest Types of Jacketed Valve

  • Name of Flow Media, Passing Through Line
    Working Pressure
    Working Temperature
  • Name of Jacket Passing Flow Media, Passing Through Jacket
    Working Pressure
    Working Temperature
  • Pipe Line Size or Valve Size

Various Seat Materials for Steam Jacketed Ball Valve

  • PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene)
    Service Temperature: -100 to +200 Deg. C.
    Working Pressure : 150lb to 300 lb
  • GFT (Glass Filled Polytetrafluoroethylene)
    Service Temperature : -100 to +220 Deg. C.
    Working Pressure : 150lb to 600 lb
  • CFT (Carbon Filled Polytetrafluoroethylene)
    Service Temperature : -100 to +220 Deg. C.
    Working Pressure : 150lb to 600 lb
  • PEEK (polyether-ether-ketone-resin)
    Service Temperature : -100 to +250 Deg. C.
    Working Pressure : 150lb to 2500 lb
  • Devlon
    Service Temperature : -100 to +150 Deg. C.
    Working Pressure : 150lb to 1500 lb
  • Metal Seat (Hard Faced Metal Seat & Ball)
    Service Temperature : -200 to +350 Deg. C.
    Working Pressure : 150lb to 2500 lb

Steam Jacketed Ball Valve Application

  • Food Industries (Chocolate, Sauce etc.)
  • Bath Soap Manufacturing Plant
  • Lactum Application in Chemical Process Pipe Line
  • Industrial Molten Sulfur / Sulphur Media
  • Fertilizer Industries
  • Organic Chemical Manufacturing Plant
  • High Viscous Process Media Application
  • Bitumen / Asphalt / Coal tar Pipe Line
  • Chemical Manufacturing Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Plant
  • Plasticisers and Resin Industries
  • Polymer Manufacturing Plant
  • Paint Manufacturing Plant and Industries

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Salient Features of Steam Jacketed Ball Valve

  • An ISO 5211 Direct Mounting Pad
    Easy to mount actuator or gear box direct on valve without use of any coupler and bracket
    Simply remove lever by one bolt mount actuator
  • Ball Valve Hand Lever Locking Device
    In Open or Close position lock the handle
  • Gland Type Stem Sealing Provision
    Easy to tight gland online without removing any handle, gear or actuator
    No leakage after long continuous operation
  • V Type Chevron Gland Packing
    Long time no leakages from gland portion and smooth operation
  • Long life smooth operation
  • Fire Safe Design with antistatic device
  • High Quality various types of Seats to suit various temperature capacity
    PTFE / Glass Filled Teflon GFT / Carbon Filled Teflon – CFT
    PEEK / Nylon / Devlon
    Metal to Metal Seat (HVOF / HVAF / Plasma Spray / Stellite / Tungsten Carbide Coating etc.)
  • Full Jacket and Half Jacketed
  • Forged Solid Stainless Steel Ball
  • Low Operating Torque
  • Reduce cost of actuator
  • Tight Shut Off
  • No Lubrication Required
  • Advance compact design
  • All Jacketed Valve with Flanged End Connection
  • Operation – Lever / Gear / Pneumatic Actuator as per choice
  • Jacket End Connection – Threaded End (BSP / NPT Female) / Flanged End
  • Jacket Inlet / Outlet with Drain Connection Optional
  • Heating / Cooling Jacket any choice
  • Varieties of Casted Body & Fabricated Jacket Material
  • Design International Standard – ISO 17292 / BS 5351 / API 6D / ASME B 16.34
  • Testing International Standard – API 598 / ISO 5208 / ISO 12266 – I/II / BS 6755 – I/II
  • Flange To Flange Distance – ANSI / ASME B 16.10
  • Leakage Class – Class VI (For Soft Seated Jacketed Valve)

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Steam Jacketed Ball Valve Body Material

  • Cast Carbon Steel : A 216 GR WCB, K03504, 1.0460
  • Low Temperature Carbon Steel – LTCS : A 352 LCB, A 352 LCC, K03011, 1.0566
  • Alloy Steel Chrome Moly : A 217 C5, A 217 C12, A 217 C12A, A 217 WC6, A 217 WC9, K11752, K 21590, K41545, K90941, 1.7335, 1.7380, 1.7362, 1.7386, 1.4903
  • Austenitic Stainless Steel : A 351 CF8, A 351 CF3, A 351 CF10, A 351 CF8, A 351 CF3M, A 3510 CF10, A 351 CF8C, S30400, S30403, S30409, S31600, S31603, S31609, S34700, S31703, 1.4301, 1.4306, 1.4401, 1.4404, 1.4550, 1.4438
  • Alloy 20 : A 351 CN7M, N08020, 1.4438
  • Duplex Steel 2205 : A 351 CD 3MN, A 890 J92205, S31803, S32202, 1.4462
  • Super Duplex Steel 2507 : A 351 CD4MCu, A 890 5A, S32750, 1.4501
  • Super Duplex F55 : A 995 CD3MWCuN, S32760
  • Hastelloy C-276 : A 494 CW 2M, N10276, 2.4819

Jacket Material for Steam Jacketed Ball Valve

  • Carbon Steel Seamless Pipe : ASTM A 106 GR. A/B/C
  • Low Temperature Carbon Steel Pipe : ASTM A 333 GR. 6
  • Austenitic Stainless Steel 304 / 316 Pipe : ASTM A 312 TYPE 304 / 316
  • Austenitic Stainless Steel 304L / 316L Pipe : ASTM A 312 TYPE 304L / 316L
  • Duplex Steel Pipes : ASTM / ASME SA 790 – S 31803/S 32205/S 32550/S32750/S 32760

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Steam Jacketed Ball Valve Manufacturer, Exporter, Supplier, Stockist, Importer. Molten Sulfur, Liquid Sulphur, Resin, Polymer, Plasticizers Jacketed Valves.